Oh, the shame

Last post, I briefly alluded to some renovation projects Dylan and I had in the works for our compartment. One of these projects was to finally tackle painting the huge living area. We have painted nearly every other room in the house, but due to bull nose corners, this space is massive and requires us to paint a large room with high ceilings, the kitchen, hallway, and half of the foyer. It has been a daunting task and one that we have put off for several really good reasons:
1) We have not had the money to buy all the paint necessary
2) We were not sure how to handle the cats during the painting sessions (they are paint monsters, well, really just monsters in general.)
3) We had not found the right color yet.
4) It was going to be a lot of work and we’re lazy (which we like to refer to as “busy”)
At last it seemed that we had overcome all of these obstacles. Dylan’s father offered to supply paint for negotiating Dylan’s vacation schedule. It is warm enough and our garage is clean/safe enough to house the cat’s while the paint is wet (also the cats have taken to sleeping a good part of the day, allowing us to sneakily paint). But it was on obstacle number three that we faltered and eventually failed.
I have all three versions of Van Gogh’s Starry Night (in poster form, of course) that were to hang in our nice, sunny colored living area. Dylan and I both agreed a warm yellow color would be great and set off to the store to get the paint. We picked a buttery yellow called egg yolk (runners up were maple taffy and peach tea) and carried home a five gallon drum of our chosen color. We immediately set to work painting and disaster struck. Well…let me elaborate a little. I immediately set to work prepping and trimming the area while Dylan was distracted with the new war video game. By the time he was ready to paint, I was ready for a nap. So, he finished up the trim (in the high, out of my reach areas) and rolled the paint while I dozed on the couch. I awoke an hour later and the color went ka-POW! Our mellow yellow was not so soothing. It was lemon-y and mustard-y and so wrong. Luckily, we only painted a relatively small area: the eating nook and one kitchen wall. But we’re back at square one. We are hoping the paint store will adjust our paint to a more butterscotch color. We found a tee shirt that is more the color we had in mind and will try to match the color to that. It is more caramel and golden.
Perhaps we were seduced by the food names (we DID buy the paint before eating lunch). Maybe we were due for some bad luck, as we’ve painted three rooms without a lot of research and been pleased with the results. I feel though, as the resident color theory expert that I should have seen this coming. I bow my head in shame…and also so I don’t risk looking directly at the yellow fiasco on my walls.

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