Sarah, Redeemed

After our last attempt at painting, what I shall now refer to as the lemon atrocity, my confidence was shaken. Although Dylan and I ran around the entire house with the t-shirt of power (a $5 purchase at target that was a warm caramel color) making sure that the color would jive with everything else in our house, I was still not convinced that we were on track. This did not stop Dylan and I from buying another 5 gallon bucket of paint, however, and diving right back into the painting scene (well, something had to be done about the yellow…the cats were going blind). I am pleased to say, after 5.5 days of painting the new color looks great. I have redeemed myself for the lemon atrocity incident and am now the happy inhabitant of a cozy living area. One problem: the color reminds me of peanut butter and with the chocolate brown den I find myself craving Reese’s on a fairly regular basis.
Also new to the house: a baby chandelier that Dylan and I found at Lowe’s while picking up supplies, etc. We even managed to install it ourselves with no casualties. It hangs over our eating table (I don’t really know what else to call it…it isn’t in the kitchen and we don’t have a dining room) and is pretty. It also hangs high enough to prevent Dylan from bumping his head on it, a weekly occurrence with the old fixture.
Next on the agenda: wood floors. We ordered them early last week and were expecting them yesterday, but were informed today that they will not be in until Friday or Monday. We are bummed; we were hoping to at least start installing them during my break, but I am sure all will work out. We don’t have many visitors, so it won’t be a huge deal if our floors are in limbo for a few weeks. I think we are just excited to get started and see the transformation on our compartment. I am particularly excited to get rid of the carpet and the lovely gift of cat pee that Thomas has bestowed upon said carpet. More updates to come on the flooring adventure, as well as my return to the world of student teaching.

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