What Happened

Well, I warned you it would happen.  I was hoping to get through a whole month posting each and every day, but I fell just short.  And really, I blame Harry Potter.  Oh, and my sinuses.  My guess is that eventually (as in right around August 18th when school is back in session) my posts will become less frequent.  My goal is to still update every couple of days at least.  However, for now, I promise to be better.

6:30 Photo of the Day

One super notable thing did happen while I was away though: I discovered cherries.  Previous to Saturday evening, my only experience with this fruit came in the dye-saturated, jarred format.  Yech!  So when I was offered some of the real deal on Saturday, I didn’t have high expectations.  What a difference though!  Instead of being laden with syrup and rubbery, the fresh variety is crisp and barely sweet.  They actually remind me a great deal of grapes, without the tartness.  This may be one of may favorite finds of the year.  The added bonus?  They’re lovely little things, visually.  I love the color, shape, and size.  I expect you’l be seeing more of them here.

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