Back on Track?

Well, let’s hope so anyway.  Things have gotten a little off-kilter the last few weeks, and I’ve found myself in a bit of a funk for four or five days.  And not an awesome funk; you know, the kind that start with a “ph” instead and mean you’re feeling all sorts of groovy.  Nope, just a standard, capital “F” sort of funk that leaves you down and despairing.  Well, maybe not despairing, but it certainly isn’t a cheerful state.

7:4 Photo of the Day

So the chocolate really shouldn’t be a surprise, should it?  What do I do when in a bit of a slump?  Eat chocolate….er, I mean, bake.  But yes, usually the something I bake has chocolate in it.  Plus, I discovered a small trick that I’m just dying to share.  See that lovely white paper sitting under the chocolate?  It’s your new best friend, and not just because it was wrapped around a square of chocolate.  It’s going to save the day the next time you want to shoot indoors and there’s not enough light to do it without a flash. See, the thing is, I hate flashes.  Hate them.  You end up with a bright white area in your image and generally distort all the nice colors you were hoping to capture.  So I avoid using my flash at all costs.  I’ve dragged in lamps from other rooms to add light to a situation, moved things closer to a window to add more natural light, all kind of things.  This trick is much easier, and I owe it all to Dylan.  As I was grumbling about the lack of light at 9:30 at night and the necessity of using my flash for this shot, he grabbed one of the extra chocolate wrappers and held it in front of my flash so that it would diffuse the light.  And it worked. Beautifully.  Every time.  The little hints of chocolate residue in the creases will wipe off easily with the use of a clean, damp cloth and then you can just tuck them in your camera bag and have an instant diffuser anytime.  Go buy some baking chocolate and try it if you don’t believe me.  When it blows your mind with its cheap effectiveness, feel free to send me some of the treats you made with that baking chocolate.

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  1. Rebekah

    I hope your phunk returns and triumphs over your funk! It was lovely to see you and the boy at Lambspun. Glad your blog is back up and running, good posts and great photos! Groove on.

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