Two Truths

Okay, so when I said that eventually things might slow down a bit here on Photodork, I didn’t really intend for eventually to mean right now, or for slow down a bit to mean stop dead in its tracks.  But that’s exactly what happened.  For about ten days.  Tsk, tsk.  It’s not that I haven’t been photographing at all.  In fact, I just finished editing about 364 photos that I took for a commercial event on Sunday.  I must admit though, that photographing for artistic or personal reasons took a slight vacation.  I got sidetracked with my knitting, which I realize sounds like the least distracting activity ever, but it can be quite addictive.  In an effort to find balance, however, I am trying to reintroduce the photo habits that consumed much of June.

7:14 Photo of the Day

Although I’ve probably said these things before, two truths about photography became evident during my short sabbatical from the medium.  The first realization can actually be applied pretty broadly: if you want to do something, you’re going to have to make time to do it.  Even in the summer, when I am technically unemployed, and therefore have a lot of free time at my disposal, I don’t always feel I have time to photograph.  I have time to read a bunch of frivolous books, dork around on the internet for hours at a time, go to two yarn shops in one day, and ponder the precise method of creating my favorite designer coffee treat.  We have time for what we make time for.  If it’s important, let your schedule reflect that.  I know, I know…easier said than done, but so true.  And the second truth?  Take your camera every where. Plenty of occasions to take a quick picture presented themselves over the last week and a half.  Many of those occasions found me without a camera available, and that’s just frustrating.  Sometimes I think about buying an inexpensive point-and-shoot that would fit in my purse and solve this problem.  But then I remember that I am really too spoiled by my super-nice, fancy-pants digital SLR.  So then I think about getting a bigger purse, which I am trying to hold out on, because I can think of about seven other gadgets that I’d really like to stuff in there and have with me always.  What can I say?  I foresee back problems in my future.  At the moment, the best solution is not to be lazy and just carry my not-so-heavy SLR separately from my purse.  Usually it can just ride along in the car with me and be handy if the proper moment presents itself.

So…will I be here tomorrow?  Meh.  It’s hard to say.  Will I try?  Most definitely.

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