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The Heat is On

The heat wave that threatens to overcome all attempts to be outdoors, or active at all, each and every July is upon us.  I don’t do so well with the heat.  First of all, it means that the sun is present in all it’s skin-reddening glory.  Second, it makes getting up the gumption to do anything just about impossible, because you’re already melting and all you’ve done is put on your socks.  I mean, if you’re silly enough to actually find socks necessary in this swelter, that is.  But I did manage to brave the warmth and brightness for a few minutes yesterday to take advantage of new surroundings (mi padre’s casa) and take a few pictures.

7:16 Photo of the Day

Don’t let the little crescent of a moon fool you; this was taken in broad daylight as the runner up shots demonstrate.  I’ve been missing black and white work lately, so I’ve begun tinkering around with it in Photoshop. Anything you want to accomplish in Photoshop can be done about five different ways, so I’m on a quest to find the method of black and white conversion that I like best.  I don’t think that this is it, but it’s not bad. This was accomplished by clicking on the Image Menu, going to the Adjustments fly-out menu and selecting the Black and White option.  It allows you to adjust each color channel (green, yellow, red, magenta, cyan, blue, etc.) separately and create a custom black and white image.

7:16 Runner Up 2 7:16 Runner Up 7:16 Runner Up 3

I know I’ve used other methods to achieve the black and white look, but at the moment, my heat-addled brain refuses to retrieve the information.  Alright. Maybe it’s more like my summer-addled brain, since the day has only begun and the heat hasn’t broken out the big guns yet.  What happened to the rain? That’s what I want to know.

All I Got

Right. So, as sometimes happens, things exploded yesterday. I mean, obviously nothing actually exploded, except for maybe my schedule and feeling of calm…those kind of went right out the window. Things should settle down a bit tomorrow (for a couple of days anyhow) so I promise a better, more complete post then. For now, to make up for the lack of text, I’m leaving you with two photos for the day.

6:9 Photo of the Day 2

And one of them is even of the pestilent little ginger that dominates, well, everything he can pretty much reach. Captured at a rare moment, when ruling the world was not the first item on his agenda.

6:9 Photo of the Day


Raise your hand if you notice the quality of light around you. Man, I hope I am not the only dork raising my hand right now. I am really observant about light: the way it strikes things, the way it falls across a space, the color cast it gives to an area at different times of day, as well as the amount of it in the room with me. I’m not sure if this is a side effect of years with a camera in your hand and in front of your face or if it’s just part of being detail-oriented. Certainly both are true in my case.

6:9 Photo of the Day

Whatever fuels my acute perception of light, it was not happy with the situation yesterday.  I prefer, as much as possible, to use natural light in my photographs. An overhead, interior light isn’t going to cut it in most cases and I’m not one to spend a lot of time fussing with a lighting system.  It seems my attention to detail stalls and then completely dies in the face of technical things like reading my camera manual or learning to set up studio lights.  That stuff cramps my style, and it’s where editing can save the day.  I spent more time than usual with this portion of the photo process on this last set of images because I just didn’t have the quality or quantity of light I was looking for.  The lack of light also necessitated the use of my flash which I didn’t like at all.

6:9 Runner Up 3 6:9 Runner Up 2 6:9 Runner Up

In terms of editing, I’m a big fan of Adobe Photoshop.  And trust me, I’m not being paid to say that (although, I wouldn’t mind being paid to say that.  It’d still be true and I’d have more money.  Win-win).  In fact, I technically paid to say that; Photoshop is not an inexpensive program, although discounts are available if you are an educator or student.  However, if you have a program on your computer like iPhoto, Picassa or some other editing software that you use and get along well with, I am absolutely in support of this.  I still use the edit button on iPhoto sometimes when I’m feeling lazy or pressed for time or even just curious.  The main advice I would give about the editing software you use is that you should feel comfortable with it.  Photoshop offers an incredibly wide set of options and tools and that can be overwhelming.  I’ve taken a Digital Photography class and a Photoshop class just to figure out what I’m doing.  Of course, it’s also my job to teach it and I got kind of sick of looking dumb in front of 20 some-odd students everyday.  If I was going to be playing the fool in private, I might not have minded remaining self-taught.

And speaking of editing, you might have noticed that little, old has had some major renovations recently.  Dylan is to thank for these changes, as well as for his patience, as I was quite specific about the way I wanted things to look like around here (I know.  Me.  Being particular about something.  It is hard to believe).  In any case, I am very happy with the new changes, and I hope you are too.

Something New

It might have seemed like Dylan and I’s trip to Eaton Grove was purely for photo purposes, but in actuality we went there with the goal of buying flowers to fill the large (as in 8 feet long and nearly 2 feet wide) planter that we’d built.  I know, we think we’re pretty cool too.  So far, I’ve refrained from photographing said flower box, just so it doesn’t get old later in the Summer when things really start blooming and I become obsessed with documenting it extensively.  I figure that way I’ll have proof that I don’t always kill absolutely everything I plant.

6:8 Photo of the Day

One of the flowers we chose to plant were poppies and so far they’ve been kind of droopy, making me fretful and anxious which I usually save for later on in the growing process when I’ve neglected to water things for several days.  Today, however, Dylan came upstairs and presented me with the shell of the poppy flower.  One of them has hatched!  Or whatever it is that flowers do between the time they shed their pods and bloom.  I’m pretty excited about it, if you couldn’t tell by the fact that not only did I photograph said pod, but also devoted an entire post to it.  Oh well…it’s not like you visit my site just for the stories, right?

6:8 Runner Up 3 6:8 Runner Up6:8 Runner Up 2