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An Hommage

Well…would you look at that?  It’s already August somehow.  My good intentions at the start of summer meandered and eventually lost their way completely in the void of July and I am now faced with beginning another school year in less than 48 hours.  Admittedly, a small, unpopular part of me longs for the structure that keeping a regular schedule brings.  It’s much easier to instill self-discipline when you have a solid framework to hang plans on.  Much of my life gets upended in the summer months, as lovely and lazy as they may be.  I just get a little lax about everything, but really, what’s the harm in that?

6:10 Photo of the Day

And so, while I am not exactly dreading plunging back into the real world very soon, my awareness of the last few moments of summer break have awakened a certain nostalgia for what I’ll be leaving behind for the next nine months. The funny thing is how random and surprising my list turns out to be.  I love going to the grocery store on weekday mornings, having the time to bake leisurely, being able to pop in at my mom’s place of business with a coffee, attending yoga classes at all times of day, watching movies in near-empty theaters on Wednesday afternoons, letting the ginger cat loose in the grass while I water the flowers, and spending Thursdays on the lake with my dad.  I’ve been able to go to three yarn stores in one day this summer, which is just as ridiculous a delight as there is, and I’ve spent whole days camped out on the couch with movies and knitting projects.  I’ve dawdled to my heart’s content, which is a miracle considering how efficient I pride myself on being.  I’ve ventured to Albuquerque and Estes Park, and headed to Fort Collins on a whim on more than several occasions.

6:10 Runner Up 1 6:10 Runner Up 2 6:10 Runner Up 3

The school year just doesn’t allow for that kind of freedom…of course, most jobs don’t, so I shouldn’t complain and  I’m not.  Really.  I don’t view my reluctance to give up these things as a gesture of dislike for my job.  Rather I think of it as gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had this summer.  It hasn’t been an extravagant break by most measures of the word, but it has been an immensely wonderful one.  So, here’s to the remaining hours of summer laziness and the start of a new school year.

P.S. Look closely at the first of the “Runner Up” pictures for today.  A mountain goat is at the bottom right.  Generally, I try to avoid honking my own horn, but I just gotta in this instance because I was literally 20 feet from this fellow and quaking in my boots.  Obviously he wasn’t too concerned about my presence, but I felt sure he was going to charge me at any second.  I think I may have even had one leg in the car the whole time so that I could jump back into my seat at a moment’s notice if need be.  But seriously…he looks downright ferocious, right?

Deep Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

Today is our last full day in the city of heat and brightness, as I have now officially dubbed it. A few items still remain on my checklist for Albuquerque, but I feel that we’ve done a reasonable job exploring the area.  We retraced our steps a bit yesterday, but we managed to find a couple of surprising candidates for photographing.  I need to revisit one today and actually get out of the car to inspect it closer, but the other received its fair share of photographic documentation on the spot.  Most of what you see here today came from a small courtyard reserved for meditation and prayer at the Presbyterian Hospital.

6:19 Photo of the Day

Now, just so y’all don’t worry, I wasn’t out in the courtyard desperately asking for someone’s immediate survival and we weren’t at the hospital for anything serious, just a doctor’s appointment for Dylan’s uncle .  In fact, I would have hesitated to bust out my camera and enter a space marked for spiritual purposes, but then I saw this guy go out there and use his cell phone, so I figured that photographing is infinitely more spiritual than cell phone use and did my thing.

6:19 Runner Up 1 6:19 Runner Up 2 6:19 Runner Up 3

And later, as I examined and edited the images from the day, I reflected on the idea of inspiration.  Sometimes it comes in the oddest forms.  I would not have expected to find reason to photograph in a hospital, but some lovely images resulted from it.  I think we are often caught up in the notions of what makes art, well, art.  It has to be beautiful, or thought-provoking, or profound.  And surely art can be all those things, but it can also be simpler than all that.  It can be about the process of creating, which I’ve found to be most significant.  Maybe it’s just about recognizing the moments that inspire us and capturing them.  I realize I’ve gotten a little too deep for Saturday morning, so I’ll leave it at that and let you take from it what you will.


I have limited access to the internet at the moment.  Both time and setup-wise, which I suppose is to be expected when you’re on semi-vacation.  At least there is internet at the hotel we’re occupying for the week, it’s just that we’re rarely  in our room.  So, when I didn’t have time to get my post done first thing this morning as usual, the chances of getting the post done at all today narrowed considerably.  But, ta da!  We’ve taken a moment’s refuge from the heat, and here it is.

6:18 Photo of the Day

Yesterday was my kind of day, which means it was low-key and full to the brim of art-nerdiness.  We started the day with a trip to Satellite Coffee to try out the recommendation of an old high school friend (thanks Matylda!).  I had the Mexican Latte and it was just as tasty as promised.  I’ve already had a second one, if I’m being honest.  Then it was onto the Albuquerque Museum of Art.  We’d noticed in our first day of exploration that there was an Impressionist Exhibit currently on display and couldn’t resist.  Surprisingly though, that wasn’t the real draw of the museum, at least for me.  After we’d looked about in the main exhibit we perused the rest of the museum and found a really solid collection of contemporary art and a truly inspiring exhibit of high school photography.  And I only know it was high school work because of the information that accompanied the exhibit.  The images were, well, freaking incredible for lack of a better description.  Both traditional and digital photography was represented and I was floored by the quality, creativity, and quantity of the work present.

6:18 Runner Up 6:18 Runner Up 2 6:18 Runner Up 3

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around Old Town Albuquerque, which besides the inevitable tourist-trap stores, has a fair number of galleries and interesting little shops.  We found a cafe with some shade to eat lunch in, picked up a few pieces of art, and had some nice chats with gallery-owners.  Plus, plenty of opportunities to shoot presented themselves, and I’m proud to say I took each one.  Previous to rebooting Photodork with the “Photo of the Day” project, I almost never took pictures on vacation.  I’d always get real excited about all the time I was going to have to photograph on the trip and then cop-out when we arrived on the scene.  My excuse was perpetually that photography is what I do for a living and I deserved the break.  Such a difference lies in the photos I take when I’m hired (generally wedding photos and senior portraits) and the work I think of as my own.  Thinking back on in now, it was a lazy excuse and one that I am glad to have eschewed in recent weeks.